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 Our Mission 

Is to  give  the  listener a reason to jump to  the sounds of traditional  Jump  Blues such as Little  Walter, Elmore James, Bo  Diddley and other cool retro  songs featuring the Harmonica from  Elvis and the Beatles performed in the Jump  Blues tradition. Even  if you have never heard  of Jump Blues, once you do, you will  be  subdued by the instinctive primal rhythms  which shaped the  music of today.


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 Hear the Lo-Fi quality Mp3 songs from our first and second CD by clicking on the song list below.



  The  Band Tracks

1.My  Baby Left Me

2.Miss  Mary

3.Texas  Woman Blues

4.Off  The Wall

From  the live acoustic tracks

    5.Let It Roll

6.My Babe

  7.Trouble In  Mind

        8.Crazy for my  Baby

              9.Key To The  Highway


New CD

1.Hard Working Boogie

2.Where Was Your Love?

3.Help Me

4.TellMe Mama

5.Cry For Me Baby

6.Too Late

7.Mellow Down Easy

8.Too Late Brother

9.Trouble In Mind

                                             10.Hate To See You Go  (Live at The Gaslight)

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